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Greybeard Advisors - Ways Clients Engage Us

Ways Clients Engage Us

Because of our flexible consulting arrangements, there’s a multitude of ways to use Greybeard Advisors. Here are some ways that clients engage our services on both a comprehensive and an “a là carte” basis:

Procurement and SCM Transformation

Comprehensive consulting engagements in supply chain and procurement transformation (encompassing many of the services listed below)
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Current State Assessments

Current state assessments compared to best practices
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Opportunity Assessments

Opportunity assessments of the degree of cost reduction possible and how it might be achieved
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Transformation Roadmap

Transformation roadmap development
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Business Case Development

Business case development and presentation
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Strategic Sourcing

Training in Strategic Sourcing & Negotiation Management and other topics
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Transformation Guidance

Transformation guidance to guide, accelerate, and mentor your progress 
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Sourcing Advisors

Sourcing advisors (category experts) to coach teams to success, or to help fill gaps in your current staffing 
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Executive workshops

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Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements to focus attention on supply chain and procurement issues
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