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Greybeard Advisors - Flexible Consulting Arrangements

Flexible, customized, right-sized approaches to your unique needs

Greybeard is flexible. We don't try to force fit you into a rigid template with pre-defined solutions. We don’t try to sell you a big-footprint consulting project, when a lighter touch advisory approach may be the better solution. We tailor our plans to your company’s culture and to the everyday realities of your workplace.

  • Strategic and Practical Help. Our services range from the strategic — planning the transformation of your sourcing organization — to the practical — helping you tackle issues such as specific supplier negotiations. Whether for long- or short-term consulting engagements, ongoing team coaching, or specific issues such as supplier negotiations, Greybeard is ready to roll up our sleeves and start working on your challenges today.
  • Talent Matching. Depending on your needs, Greybeard can provide talent at a variety of levels. For example in the procurement area, Greybeard can bring in experienced talent such as Chief Procurement Officers, Directors of Procurement, Team Leaders and Team Coaches for strategic sourcing, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for critical topics such as energy management and many more.
  • Options. As part of developing your tailored transformation roadmap, we provide plans for three speeds of transformation: slow, medium, and fast. This allows you to understand internal and external resource commitments – and the associated Return on Investment - and make the choice that's most appropriate for your organization.
  • Pricing. Unlike conventional consulting firms, whose agreements and pricing are often rigid and aggressive, Greybeard has a less-costly and more flexible approach to pricing. Furthermore, our professional fee structure is typically far less costly to the client than so-called "risk-free" success fee approaches that some consultants try to sell. 

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