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Greybeard Advisors - Strategic Sourcing Training

Strategic Sourcing & Other Training

Training is an integral part of most Greybeard engagements. A key differentiator of our approach is our commitment to transferring knowledge so your organization can sustain and build improvements on its own. 

Often this training is delivered as part of a larger engagement, but it is also delivered in standalone sessions. 

Offerings include:

  • Basic and advanced training in many key topics in supply chain management and procurement
  • Our 1.5 days core program in Strategic Sourcing & Negotiations Management. To learn more about our training and coaching, download our Greybeard SSNM Training & Mentoring PDF (2-page) 
  • A four-hour or one-hour version of the course above, built specifically for the executive audience
  • Team Leader Training — a 3-hour training program for employees selected to lead sourcing teams
  • Negotiations Management seminar — a four- to six-hour workshop
  • Senior management and executive workshops on topics tailored to your company's unique situation and challenges

Strategic Sourcing and Negotiations Management (SSNM)

This robust program can serve as the foundation of a skills development and process enhancement effort. Continually enhanced based on procurement best practices and client feedback, this program regularly receives evaluation scores of 4.6 - 4.7 out of 5.0 for both content and delivery. Our SSNM program has been developed by practitioners, and is taught by practitioners.


“Having had the opportunity to work with many of the largest consulting firms in the world that specialize in this area, I find the content and value of the Greybeard training to be superior given its emphasis on process, total cost and internal change management; as well as the overall experience level and quality of its instructors.”

Jonathan K. Hanson
Former Chief Procurement Officer
Masonite International