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Greybeard Advisors - Transformation Roadmap

Transformation Roadmap and Business Case

The Transformation Roadmap is a detailed guide to achieving the opportunities identified in the assessment — including how to build new or enhanced capabilities, involve and train people, launch process-oriented improvements, initiate best practices, and much more.

With the Roadmap developed, a Business Case for the transformation is often built and presented to upper management.

Typical deliverables include:

  • A detailed Transformation Roadmap
  • An indication of how quickly results can be achieved: We typically provide several "speed options" that highlight how fast the transformation can progress at various levels of resource commitments
  • Development of the Business Case and Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Presentation of the roadmap and business case to executive management


“[The Greybeard Advisors] team provided an initial assessment, a roadmap for our transformation, and strategic sourcing training. This was quickly followed up with the launch of Strategic Sourcing projects where Greybeard provided subject matter experts who were members of the sourcing teams and provided a ‘voice of experience.’ 

“Our transformation … has been very successful to date. This success can be directly attributed to our decision to utilize Greybeard’s services.”

Head of Indirect Procurement, Global Medical Products Company