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Assessment of Corporate Health: Beat the Odds 

The life expectancy of corporations is less than 50 years according to several well-known studies. Is your organization already among the "walking wounded?" How can you determine, with confidence, the health status of your organization? How can you obtain accurate insight about factors eroding your organization's performance? And, most important, what are the secrets to building a resilient enterprise?

Using the proprietary assessment process described in Greybeard president Robert Rudzki’s book Beat the Odds: Avoid Corporate Death & Build a Resilient Enterprise, we can uncover specific underlying strengths and weaknesses that affect your organization's performance and viability. The assessment spans nine dimensions demonstrated to be critical to achieving sustainable success and avoiding failure. Based on this confidential assessment, we work with senior management to: (a) construct an effective plan that can materially improve enterprise resilience and future performance, and (b) monitor corporate health on an ongoing basis. 

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"Beat the Odds is the playbook every manager should read to be sure of winning beyond the next few quarters."

– Lee Iacocca