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Greybeard Advisors - Assessment

Current State Assessment & Opportunity Assessment

Once we have a firm understanding of your organization’s goals, Greybeard’s work often starts with a Current State Assessment — a detailed evaluation of the organization’s existing procurement and supply management activities vs. benchmarks and best practices. Then, building on this work, an Opportunity Assessment follows — with the objective of describing potential opportunities and estimating the magnitude of results possible.

Following are typical activities and deliverables during the Assessment stage:

  • Interviews with key personnel
  • Processes, contracts, and data reviews and analysis
  • Baseline “current state” defined across key dimensions
  • Comparison of current practices to best practices
  • Estimate of cost reduction opportunities by category of spend
  • Description and estimate of other opportunities (e.g., working capital improvements, revenue enhancements)


“Greybeard Advisors guided our Strategic Non-Product Supply Chain team through a high level introspective review of untapped process and spend opportunities. With their help, that quickly led to identification of specific prioritized actions and results improvement. Greybeard’s "hands on" Supply Chain experience was evident and key.”

Michael Katzorke
Chief Supply Chain Officer (ret)
Smith’s Aerospace