Greybeard Advisors
Greybeard Advisors - Case Study 4

Case 4:
Large Manufacturing Company

Executive Summary

This historically decentralized company needed a center-led procurement capability to forge new synergies across its many business units:

  • Company issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to 15 consulting firms to address the challenge 

Greybeard Challenge

After creating a short list of 8 qualified firms, and further evaluation, the client informed us that we were selected due to Greybeard’s:

  • Extensive, real-world experience
  • Proven assessment and transformation roadmap process
  • Strength in achieving quick buy-in and results
  • Ability to communicate effectively with client's senior management and with client's procurement and logistics staff
  • Commitment to transferring knowledge and skills to the client's organization — thereby building in-house capabilities
  • Flexibility of approach and billing through agreements structured to meet specific client needs (month-to-month variable demand can be accommodated)
  • Sensitivity to the realities at the company (other priorities must not be disrupted)

Greybeard Approach

Greybeard created a detailed assessment and a transformation roadmap, and helped enable a fast launch of the transformation process. To accomplish this, Greybeard:

  • Interviewed procurement, transportation, and supply chain staff, internal stakeholders and clients, and executives
  • Analyzed external spend, current contracts, and addressable spend
  • Evaluated procurement strategies, processes, skills, and practices
  • Assessed the current state and compared it to best practices
  • Identified cost reduction opportunities by major spend category
  • Presented findings, recommendations, and the business case to the executive team
  • Designed a detailed roadmap to guide the client's transformation, incorporating world-class business practices
  • Provided training in Strategic Sourcing & Negotiations Management
  • Provided experienced advisors to coach the initial waves of sourcing teams, and ensure knowledge transfer
  • Continued to provide transformation guidance and support throughout the transition to a state of greater professional capability

Results and Benefits

  • Established credibility for the effort, its findings, and recommendations through the interview and assessment process
  • Gained executive and functional buy-in for the transformation roadmap, the resources required, and the recommended practices and processes
  • Enabled the appropriate staffing of the supply chain function
  • Facilitated a fast launch of the transformation, generating significant and quantifiable financial results that received Board-level attention
  • Created awareness of procurement and supply chain management as a strategic driver of improved business performance

Greybeard continues to provide as-needed, focused support as this company's supply chain and procurement transformation continues.