Greybeard Advisors
Greybeard Advisors - Case Study 2

Case 2:
Medical Services & Products Company

Executive Summary

After being spun off from its parent company, this medical company needed to build a standalone procurement capability — stat!

Greybeard Challenge

Greybeard was challenged to bridge the gap by:

  • Providing highly-seasoned procurement executives on an interim basis while the 6- to 8-month hiring process for permanent staff ran its course

Greybeard Approach

Thanks to its extensive pool of experienced professionals, Greybeard was able to help this client solve its emergency needs. Greybeard:

  • Evaluated, together with the client, candidate categories of spend
  • Identified senior advisors from Greybeard's talent pool qualified to assist in the identified categories and arranged one-on-one phone interviews with the client

The selected senior advisor then served as team leader/advisor for the identified categories, from start to finish, including reporting results to management.

Results and Benefits

Because of Greybeard's expertise, this company not only made a seamless transition to its new organizational structure, but also realized significant cost savings. Greybeard:

  • Matched experienced professional resources to the assignment
  • Built procurement credibility and established momentum as the company's hiring process ran its course
  • Developed a detailed implementation plan for nearly $1 million in quantified cost reductions attributable to using Greybeard's senior advisor in this assignment
  • Enhanced the relationship between the procurement organization and the IT organization (where the projects resided) as a result of this engagement's success