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When the Worlds of Procurement & Sales Collide

The results from our Procurement and Sales Surveys are in. And here's the good news. Opportunity abounds. But now for the bad news. While companies continue to pay lip service to "strategic procurement," the reality is that today most sourcing remains anything but strategic. Indeed, the situation today is virtually the same as it was decades ago. Price continues to trump total cost. Activity still masquerades for productivity. And supplier relationships are a coincidence of time and place rather than the outcome of planned collaboration. Most tellingly of all: Only 7% of the sales respondents and 9% of procurement respondents consider themselves to have world-class processes or a strategic role in their company. Read more about the state of our chosen profession - and how sales and procurement view each other - in this white paper prepared by Greybeard Advisors LLC, with survey support provided by Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine, Sales & Marketing Management magazine, and the Manufacturers Alliance/MAPI Sales and Procurement Councils.

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A Leader's Guide to Supply Management Transformation 
as featured in Supply Chain Management Review

Senior management may stay awake at night for any number of reasons. But what they may not realize is that many of the worries causing them sleep deprivation can be alleviated by a solid supply management operation. But creating that kind of organization requires a transformation — from a reactive, transaction-oriented function to a strategic entity. This white paper offers practical advice on how to start making that transformation, including getting top management’s attention to the real potential of supply management by highlighting the bottom-line implications.  That’s followed by the presentation of a set of guidelines, or “dimensions,” for transforming supply management from a transaction-based, reactive function to a powerful strategic force. Included in this discussion is practical advice on selecting the right organizational design to support the transformation effort.

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Driving Outstanding ROIC & EPS: A White Paper for Executives

For most companies, more than 50% of their cost structure stems from procurement and supply chain costs. But too many senior executives do not appreciate the impressive role that more astute, proactive management in those areas can play in meeting financial goals, including improving return on invested capital (ROIC).  This white paper discusses how managers can identify deficiencies in their procurement practices and then details the steps companies can take to reduce costs and improve overall performance on a sustainable basis.  The conclusion: double-digit cost reductions and ROIC above 20% are possible — but it requires a senior management-led, enterprise-wide effort, supported by a carefully designed transformation roadmap. 

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